The Counselling Agency for Binational Couples and Families serves Swiss nationals and foreigners who are in, or are affected by, a binational, interfaith, or intercultural relationship.

Founded in 1970, the Counselling Agency has gained importance over time as globalization has increased; today, more than one-third of all marriages entered into in Switzerland are binational!

With the experience and contacts it has developed over all these years, the Counselling Agency is a point of contact for people in the Basel region who seek advice on the various issues facing binational relationships. The Counselling Agency advises binational couples on legal and intercultural issues and provides psychological and pedagogical support for problems associated with integration, relationships, and education.

The Counselling Agency conducts its work confidentially and is not affiliated with any particular faith or political party.

The Counselling Agency is financed by the association COMPAGNA, donations, and consulting fees.

In conjunction with the Counselling Agencies in Bern, St. Gallen, and Zurich, the Counselling Agency makes the most important information regarding binational partnerships and marriage available on the web at