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Our Services

When everyday life raises questions

The Counselling Agency gathers and provides information on the various facets of living together:
  • legal issues before, during, and after marriage/partnership
  • social, cultural, and religious issues
  • the Swiss educational system and integrating into working life in Switzerland and into Swiss society

When you need a sympathetic ear

The Counselling Agency helps people seeking advice by:
  • counselling them before they get married or in case of separation/divorce
  • supporting couples and families by taking their bicultural background into account in case of problems or crises
  • liaising and assisting in dealing with government agencies and institutions 
  • supporting and assisting the foreign partner in his or her efforts to integrate
  • providing information on issues involving raising children binationally or children’s rights

A personal meeting is central to providing the best support possible. Meetings may be held with an individual or with both partners together. If you are interested in a consultation, please contact us to set up an appointment.